Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home School Rules

These are some habits we are working on developing at our house.  You would think we would already have them down pat after nearly 20 years of home schooling! 

Home School Rules

1. Always follow Mom's instructions right away.
2. Ask questions if you don't understand something.
3. If you can't get help right away, keep busy until you can.
4. Work hard and get everything done on the day assigned.
5. Do an excellent job.
6. Be quiet so others can work, too.
7. Put your name and date on all of your papers.
8. Make sure you keep all of your papers in your notebook.
9. Clean up after yourself as you go.
10. Enjoy learning with your family!

What are your family's rules?  How are they working out for you?  Do you have any great tips for the rest of us in actually carrying them out?  Do tell!

Virginia Knowles
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