Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Duck and Friends: Dinosaur Bones by Donna McFarland (Early Reader Review)

"I originally ordered this book for my youngest daughter, an emerging reader. However, I laughed all the way through it myself, so I decided to bring it into my classroom and read it aloud to my 5th and 6th grade students. They all agreed that is is hilarious, and they profusely thanked me for sharing it with them. I agree with the other reviewer: this is not your typical dull early reader book. The content is fresh and imaginative, and adds spark and sparkle to a child's life. As a mom and as a teacher, that's just what I want to see in a book. We also loved Ms. McFarland's book for slightly older readers, The Purple Elephant."

That was my review on Amazon.  Here is a little more for my blog readers...

Truly, though this book is written at the 1st-2nd grade reading level, is not your typical basal primer reader with "See Dick run!  Puff, come down from the tree!"  Instead, you have the quirky duck pleading with the cows (who have been frightened by his T-Rex skeleton) to come down from the walnut tree.  He promised them cookies, "To go with your milk."  Then you have the chickens who, while attempting to paint Duck's new dinosaur museum, fall into paint cans, get sprayed clean with fire hoses so hard that their feathers fall off, and then wear sweaters knitted by the kindly alpacas who live on Duck's farm.

I loved this book, and I'm even more delighted because it was written by my childhood friend Donna (Gielow) McFarland, who is also the author of the just-as-delightful Purple Elephant.  You can read that review and interview here: The Purple Elephant and an Interview with Donna McFarland


Virginia Knowles

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