Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fancy Nancy (I Can Read!) Books Mini-Review

Fancy Nancy books by Jane O'Connor

Last night, I took my seven year old daughter to the library.  They had moved most of the early reader books (and I didn't have time to look for them) but they had several left on top of the bookcase where they used to be.

That's how I discovered Fancy Nancy!

Fancy Nancy is the creation of Jane O'Connor.  There are several full-size picture books about this spunky little girl, but the books we saw were in the I Can Read Level 1 book series.  The cool thing about Nancy is that she likes fancy words like "spectacular" or "crestfallen" -- and she explains what they mean.  So the books build a young student's vocabulary right in the context of the story.  The other cool thing is that Nancy is a very normal little girl, and how she learns to face the very normal little challenges in her life -- whether it is a mean girl at school, or an unfinished project, or wanting something she can't have -- is a good lesson for all kids in the early elementary years.

Now I'll have to go find some more in the series!

Oh, oh!  You know what else is "spectacular" about Fancy Nancy?  Her web site, FancyNancyWorld!  It's got sections for educators and parents, including discussion questions, reading tips, printable activities, recipes, games and more.

So may I commend (that's a fancy word for telling you they're good) these books to you?  Much obliged!

Virginia Knowles


  1. My girls enjoy Fancy Nancy too, but we have found that Nancy breeds discontent because she is so much into extravagance. We try to keep Nancy in small doses around here because of that.

  2. Very good observation, Kristy! I think this varies from book to book, so there may be ones to restrict more or use as a discussion starter about needs and wants.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading these to my little girl when she gets a little bigger!


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